Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In Search Of....

Navigating the waters of gluten free baking is sort of like an episode of "In Search Of..." . While I'm doing it, I feel like Leonard Nimoy should be leaning over my shoulders narrating each move. So many flours, so many starches, so many binders. Sometimes it feels like guess work. In my gluten days, baking was one of my passions. Not just a hobby, but a way to calm my soul and spirit. Always rewarded with a great tasting adventure.

I was not so lucky with Chocolate Chip Cookies. I've tried them several times. Each time elated to try something new, and then deflated when they spread to far, wouldn't rise, and generally didn't come close to what they were supposed. Of course, they always tasted good - but they would not pass for their gluten-filled counterparts.

Well, thanks to Gluten Free Mommy I found a great blog today. The blog is Easy Gluten Free Baking . After reading through her posts, I decided to drive to NY to attend a class. JUST KIDDING. I was once again inspired to find a gluten free chocolate chip recipe to try.

Armed with my flours, starches, and xantham gum (not to mention my new kitchen beauty), I decided to give THIS ONE a try.

Very easy to make, bake and they have a really nice mouth feel too them. My only suggestion is to give them room on the tray and use a large wide spatula to get them off so that they don't get mis-shapen. My husband's response was "You can't eat these, they MUST have regular flour in them."

So...time for me to log off and dip a few in a glass of milk. Hope you enjoy them too!!!!


Karen said...

These look wonderful! I can't wait to try them myself!

Natalie said...

I really like her cookbook too! These cookies look great. I am thinking about making her pizza crust next week. IF I can summon the energy. I am SO GLAD you found a chocolate chip cookie!

Lea Ray said...

These look too good. They look like tollhouse cookies. I need to start stocking my pantry better with flours.


Karina said...

Beautiful! :-)


Anne said...

Life without chocolate chip cookies would just STINK!

I love reading up here about everything you're revamping to be gluten-free.

ZoeAngel† said...

OMG, I have to make these soon! I added a link to ya on my blog. Your recipes look great--I will have to play with some and see how it goes!