Wednesday, July 2, 2014

S'more Cups, please!

In a former life, the one before I had my third child and still had a little extra time on my hands, I was a Pampered Chef Consultant.  Of all the pyramid-marketing-sell-in-your-home businesses, I knew Pampered Chef was for me because I loved to cook, and bake, and teach other people how to do the same, Pampered Chef was the perfect fit for me.

After my third child was born, several things happened at "home", so we moved from our little house in Phoenix, back to near my parents.  All of my Pampered Chef tools came with me.  ALL of them.  And I love them.  This recipe can obviously be made without Pampered Chef tools, but it is a delicious summer treat.

Since it is NOT my own recipe, or I didn't really alter anything other than using gluten-free ingredients, I do not want to take credit for it, so I'm linking it, here.

Pampered Chef S'more Cups

For the Grahm Crackers, I used Kinnickinnick S'morables, 1 whole box.  I used Walmart's Great Value Regular Sized Marshmallows, used 24*. For the chocolate, I used Aldi's Choceur Chocolate Large bars, 2 of them.  Butter and Powdered Sugar were Giant Brands.

The Pampered Chef recipe recommends using the LARGE Marshmallows, I didn't have them, that's why I used normal sized ones, it worked JUST FINE.

The picture above IS the ones I made, not the Pampered Chef Picture.

This will make summer more fun, and more delicious.  I promise!!!!