Sunday, September 23, 2007

Product Review - Kinnickkinnick Hamburger Buns - DINO-myte!

Okay. My son's sixth birthday party was this weekend. We planned a BBQ fare menu to go with the Dinosaur Theme. Bronto-burgers, Dinodogs, Herbivore salad, all the BBQ trimmings.

I don't know about you, but my heart sinks when I think of going to a BBQ, or hosting one, and not being able to eat my burger or dog on a bun. The thought of having a burger between two rice pancakes, or a dog by itself, almost made me cry.

Well, Friday night I had to run out for some more ingredients to make the Gluten Free Birthday Cake. The store I went to is in the same shopping center with my favorite health food store. A nice, owner run, little health food store. The owner has given me many free gluten-free items, just for my opinion on them. I went in looking for bread or maybe english muffins or something to put my burger on. New in the case were the Kinnickinnick Tapioca/Rice Hamburger Buns. They were a little pricey (most likely b/c it's a little store, they can't order in as much bulk).

When I got home, I pulled one out to defrost so that it would be ready for my burger on Saturday. Truly, I did not hold up much hope. But, I was willing to try ANYTHING besides those pesky pancakes!

Saturday came, I toasted my bun because I thought it would taste better, gluten free things ALWAYS taste better toasted, right? Let me tell you, I was near tears after my first bite. The taste and texture were AMAZING. Hands down BEST gluten-free food I've tried since January. SO GOOD. Plan on buying a BUNCH of them to keep in my freezer for all sorts of things. I'm imagining a sloppy joe. MMM...or wait a pizza crust....or wait...hmmmm....I'm dreaming of all sorts of uses!

If you get the chance, CHECK THEM OUT! :D


Melinda said...

Hey Krista! Thank you so very much for the taffy. It's Yummy!

I hope you are feeling a bit better.


childlife said...

Krista - Thanks for reviewing this! I'll take look around for them. I had given up on prepared GF breads and currently had been using GF Pantry's Favorite Sandwich Bread mix spooned into large English muffin rings for hamburger buns. Pretty good, but a TON of work! I will be elated if I can find something already made that will taste decent : )

kbabe1968 said...

Officially tried the hot dog buns tonight. Equally as good. It was nice to have a hot dog.

Lea Ray said...

Thanks for the review. I love all the products I have tried from Kinnick.... I can't wait to try these.

Natalie said...

I appreciate the review because I have been looking for hamburger buns. I love the birthday cake. You are such a creative mom!:)

Karen said...

Ooo, I'll have to try them! I hope they are better than their english muffins. The cake is really cute BTW!


Jenn B said...

I realize this is a really old post, i found it googling "kinnick hamburger buns" as i was contemplating buying them from a food buying club, but my experience with store-bought gluten-free goods has been less than spectacular (i'd rather make my own anyway)...but i'm not ready for trying to make hamburger/hotdog buns yet...dealing with the shape specifics.

anyhow, thx for the review! (& as a mom of a dino-lovin' 3.5 year old, AWESOME cake!!).

Anonymous said...

I came across this blog while looking for the Kinnick website to see if i could order the rolls directly from them..I recently discovered the hamburger rolls by mistake and it was the best mistake that could have happened to us.My son being allergic to wheat is very picky about his bread.We were using Cybros rice rolls for years and now that he is 10 they are not cutting it anymore due to size.I then discovered AMAZING hamburger and hot dog rolls from a new company(forgot name) and of course they were dicontinued in a month..VERY UNHAPPY 10 YEAR OLD but not surprised because this does happen often.So back to the kinnick hamburder rolls,,,ABSOLUTELY DELISH