Sunday, May 11, 2014

Aldi adds a Gluten-free Line - Live Gfree

My other blog is all about Aldi Markets.  I love Aldi.  It's so inexpensive, so easy to shop.  Since going back to gluten-free, it's been fairly easy to continue to shop there because they clearly label their foods that are gluten-free.  I like that a lot.  If it doesn't have the label, I don't buy it.

Last week, I made a simple pulled pork using Aldi's Bar-b-que sauce and half of a pork loin roast.  My family RAVED over it.  It was soooo easy, and sooooo cheap!  And it was soooooo gluten-free!

Well, when I hit the store this week, what do my wondering eyes do I see?  A full gluten-free line.  Granted, it is a "special buy" which means that they are test-marketing it.  The most popular products will likely be added to their full time line up in the next year.  I've purchased one of everything to give them a try, and already sent a letter to Aldi corporate to thank them for trying it out.

Anyway, I was THRILLED and wanted to share the news with all of you!


Anonymous said...

I purchased the choco chip cookie mix says 1 stick soften butter 1 egg
mix later the instructions say you can add remaining water.
nothing was mentioned any where about water

kbabe1968 said...

Thank you for that comment. I noticed that myself, and have not yet made them, so I'm not sure what to advise. I have sent an email to Aldi, but have yet to hear from them. :(

Hope to be experimenting with them this weekend maybe. I did do the yellow cake, which was DELICIOUS with whipped cream and strawberries! The GF Mac & Cheese was good, a little "watery" at first, but thickened up.

I keep testing. :)