Saturday, March 31, 2007

BLTC2 (Bacon Lettuce Tomato with Cheese and Chicken)

With discovery of the Gluten Free Flax Bread, sandwiches are once again gracing my table. I'm so very happy about that. There's just nothing better than sinking your teeth into a nice hearty sandwich.

This morning, over our traditional Saturday Morning Pancake breakfast (rice flour pancakes which now my husband likes even better than the old recipe with wheat), we were lamenting the fact that we didn't have bacon. My husband and my kids are mostly sausage people. Not me, I'm a bacon girl. Salty, yummy, crunchy, chewy on the fat part. MMMMMM....Bacon..... Oh...wait...sorry.......Having tossed my menu plan out the window this week (hoping no one noticed!), we decided it was a day for BLT's.

I set to task after cleaning today, to make a fresh loaf of the Gluten Free Flax Bread. Went grocery shopping with my eldest daughter - who loves to do this with me. Brought home nice head of lettuce, fresh pound of bacon...and bread for the gluten-gluttons in my family.

Around 5, my husband laid the bacon on my large stoneware bar pan and baked it. The smell was heavenly...I couldn't wait for our sandwiches. We also grilled up some chicken breasts and sliced it thin.

Layering mayo (Hellman's, OF COURSE), American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, bacon and chicken on my two slices of fresh flax bread.

Heaven, I'm in Heaven and my heart beats so that I can hardly wait...

To eat the leftovers tomorrow! :D

Hoping you get a chance to try one soon :D


Slacker Mom said...

I love bacon, still eat it. :)

And, my family loves breakfast for supper too..that is very common around here...

And, I need to try Lorka's bread recipe..I haven't yet. All the reviews make me unable to wait..I will have to check it out.

kbabe1968 said...

You MUST. Lorka's bread is amazing. It's great for bread crumbs too. I overbaked one loaf and I had to grind them for crumbs. OH SO GOOD! Can you say breaded chicken filets??? :D