Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Chinese Peppers and Meat

Having an exchange student in the house has been much more fun and rewarding than I ever imagined. We have had such a fun time getting to know Julia, and more about her home in China. Julia and I are baking together almost nightly. We made Banana Walnut Muffins one night, then we made Chocolate Chip Cookies and last night we made my Marbled Cinnamon Swirl bread into muffins.

On Saturday, we took Julia to a local Asian grocery store where she was excited to see items from her hometown of Cheng-du. She bought a jar of peppers that are so hot, the tiniest drop of oil burnt my nostrils just breathing it in. She eats it like it's candy! I have a new treat I'll be buying my Dad...I know it's right up his alley!

Well, Saturday night, she made Peppers and Meat for us. We would normally see it in a Chinese Restaurant as Pepper Steak. She used pork instead of steak, and I'm finding that pork is the meat most often chosen in her province. Below is the authentic Chinese dish she made for us. And it was better than any chinese food I've ever gotten from a restaurant.

NOTE: The key to the success of this recipe seems to be how you slice the pork. Julia cut it into thin strips THEN cut the thin strips into even thinner strips! For a 15 year old, she had amazing knife skills. The other key is to place the wok/large saute pan on the highest heat possible, and heating the oil to almost smoking before adding the meat.

Chinese Peppers and Meat

1 lb. Pork Loin Chops (deboned), julienned very thinly
1 large green pepper, julienned
2 tbs tapioca flour (you can use cornstarch or white rice flour also)
2 tbs soy sauce (San-J wheat free tamari)
3 tbs oil (we used canola)

In a large bowl, mix the thinly slice pork strips, tapioca flour and soy sauce together. Mix well to coat ALL of the pork. Set aside for 5 or so minutes.

Using a LARGE wok or LARGE skillet, heat the 3 tbs. of oil on HIGH heat. When the oil is hot, add the pork, reduce heat to medium high. Stir fry meat in the oil. When the meat is ALMOST done, add the peppers. Stir around in the pan just to quickly cook the peppers. They need to be tender crisp.

Serve over rice.

***I know we Americans would very easily lose the oil in the hopes of good health, BUT don't miss the awesome opportunity to taste the food the way it was meant to be.***


Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Looks yum!! Thanks for sharing..I will be making this... :)

Micki said...

I stumbled on your blog when I googled Kraft blue cheese. I ended up at your steakhouse dinner post! You are amazing an look forward to checking out more of your blog! I am 4 days into confirmed celiacs and adjusting to the GF lifestyle. Thank you, you blessed me today:) BTW I used to live in Lansdale PA:)

Anonymous said...

great tips...found your website...i look forward to checking in often...i have a blog as
my sister's is
we love sharing ideas and recipes...thanks for sharing!!

Ellen said...

Keep up the good work. Isn't it great to be on the same team?!? Welcome!