Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An Apology.... loyal listeners/readers (LOL)....I need to apologize for my absence.

Since returning from vacation, I have awoken every day covered in hives. Saturday it got worse and I awoke with a swollen face. Thankfully, Benedryl helped it come down...however, I looked like Botox Jane for a few hours!

I went to the Doc on Monday, and have had a ton of blood tests done. Doc said hives are usually caused by an internal source (i.e. food) vs. an external one.

So...the allergy meds, etc, have left me exhausted and non-desirous of trying to cook new foods...

I AM SORRY...and promise to start experimenting SOON!!!!

Please don't give up on me, and stay tuned!!!


Tamara said...

Oh no! I am so sorry - I am sure that does not feel good. Hopefully the hives will go away and you will get an answer soon on the blood test.

Anne said...

UGH! I'm so sorry, that really stinks. Megan gets them from artificially flavored jalapeno stuff--really odd one.

Feel better!

Adopted Son said...

Ain't nothing wrong with that botox look, though ;)