Thursday, July 31, 2008


I bet you're all wondering where the heck I've been....I bet you're waiting with bated breath for my next delicious concoction! I don't blame you!

I'd like to say that I've been on vacation, and that I'm sunning myself on a beach somewhere that there is no internet access! Well...that would be lying and my mother always taught me that lying was wrong. So...

My brand new oven has been out of commission for a month. Nope, not kidding. The first time I turned it on, the lights blew out and I heard a loud pop. Thought it was just the lights. Turns out it's a circuit board, but the warranty company is, shall we say, unintelligent and having trouble finding the right board and fixing it.

Before the guy came the first time (and he's been here 3 time in 5 weeks) the oven worked fine...just no lights. works, but the internal fan doesn't so that causes condensation since it's an in cabinet as to not ruin my brand new cabinets, I thought it better to forgo oven cooking until then.

Factor this in with hosting a cultural immersion student for almost 3 weeks, kids having Vacation Bible School and a travelling husband and you've just run into a point where dinner is hot dogs, salads and whatever you can grab on the go!

So...working on some stuff to get out there for ya, I promise. I'm thinking of making some Peanut Butter Truffles for the Farewell Party for our cultural immersion student.

Thanks for your patience.



Anne said...

I've been wondering, but I knew about the traveling husband, so I didn't wonder TOO much.

Hey, in this heat and humidity, hot dogs WORK!

Allie said...

YES! Would love the recipe. I have a weakness for donuts ;)