Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thai Kitchen - Product Review

My SIL is an inspiration to me, often, and to my blog, especially. Anne (see Cooking with Anne in my Places to Visit) does the occasional product review and I thought that it would be a great idea to do the same. Navigating the processed foods available to Celiacs is daunting, confusing, and often frustrating because the products are tasteless and sometimes nutritionless.

A few weeks ago, I was visiting my parents. My parents are a great support to my new gluten free plan, especially since it means I'm healthier and happier to be around. My dad, quite the chef himself, and usually a food inspiration to me, made me a noodle soup. I was skeptical at his suggestion and asked to see the package of noodles he was using. He handed me a package of Thai Kitchen Noodle Soup, Bangkok Curry flavor. Right on the back of the label it said "Gluten Free". I smiled and said, "Oh yes, I want to try it!". He proceede to make the soup, adding a few extra ingredients, Shrimp being one of them. It was the best bowl of soup I've had since going gluten free. So very yummy.

The noodles are very light and not gummy at all, like you would expect with rice noodles. The broth has a nice light spice to it. The addition of the shrimp put this soup WAY over the top.

After having the soup and coming home that night, I set out to find Thai Kitchen's website, thinking to myself "Wow, if they have one soup, maybe there are others!". Not only did I hit the jackpot, but they post all of their allergen info right on the website. You can find locations of where to buy their products, or if you live in parts unknown, you can order them direct from the site.


Karen said...

I agree- they have great products! I hope you'll check out my reviews for their stir fry mixes- really really good! I am off to find me some of that soup :)


kbabe1968 said...

Karen = THANKS!!! YES I'll check out your reviews! :D

Hassham said...

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