Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Happy Mixer - Gluten-free Bakery

Oh my goodness.

It is totally my luck that going back to gluten-free has come with the most amazing Gluten-free Bakery that opened up in the shopping center less than a mile from my house.

If you live in Southeastern PA - or southwestern NJ - or Northeastern Maryland, or anywhere within 100 miles of this place, it is certainly worth the trek.

The Happy Mixer at the New Britain Shopping Center in Chalfont, PA, is REALLY worth it.

Cookies and brownies and muffins, OH MY!!!!

My husband and son went first.  My husband says the Blueberry Muffin is delicious, my son loves the Peanut Butter Brownie (a fudge confection covered in a peanut butter frosting!). Another family favorite is the Fudge Brownie.  My non-gluten-free family members say that it is not possible they are gluten-free!  BUT THEY ARE!!!  Moist, fudgey, covered in an extra layer of chocolate to add to the decadence.  Then there's the Cream Cheese Brownie - the same brownie covered in the tangy sweet cream cheese frosting you just don't expect! The Peanut Butter Delights are also another favorite - think Peanut Butter Tandy Kake on crack!  Totally off the charts.  I also bought some of the Kiffles today, oh my!!!  Little pastry bites with the best gluten-free pie crust, touch of sweetness from the fruit and powdered sugar!  SO GOOD!!!!  ALSO, I bought a half dozen donuts the other day, too. My favorite was the cinnamon sugar, but I also got the traditional powdered, vanilla glazed, chocolate glazed and cream filled.  They truly did not last long.  Lastly, The Vanilla Almond Biscotti are a new addiction.  I have one every night with my pre-bedtime tea.  They also make a Chocolate Chip Biscotti that are also scrumptious.

What else?  This bakery does GLUTEN FREE BIRTHDAY AND WEDDING CAKES!!!! I am NOT kidding you!!!!   Are you gluten-free but haven't had an amazing bakery cake since giving it up?  You will be happy blowing out your candles on these beauties!

Anyway, I'm not kidding.  You need to drop everything you're doing and go to The Happy Mixer.  After you visit, I'd really love for you to comment here!  Oh, and don't forget to find them on FaceBook, they list all their specials and everything, too!

They have become my favorite twice weekly stop.  And I'm actually STILL down over 6 lbs since going gluten-free!


***I want everyone to know that I have received nothing for free in order for this opinion, this is completely voluntary and unsolicited….the logo above is the Happy Mixer's Logo - all rights reserved and copyrighted***

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