Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Day 9 - did well today

Think I'm finally over my glutening from McD's fries on Saturday. Had a bit more energy again today. I was REALLY cautious today and ate only fresh foods. Need to go food shopping as there are not many choices left for me! :D

I'm excited to pick up my bread tomorrow. There's a bakery not too far from me (Bakers on Broad in Souderton, PA) that bakes gluten free bread. I talked to the owner/head baker today. She only does it one day a week because the equipment needs to be scrupulously clean to avoid cross-contamination. I'm going to give it a try. She does a few different varieties as well as some muffins and cookies. I'm just trying the bread, for now. I figure I can try the muffins and cookies myself.

I'm also picking up my bread machine tomorrow. This will help me so that I don't need to depend on others. Hoping to create a really bread like texture! I figure I have time to experiment, so I'm going to get a little more comfy with the diet before I try anything out.

I made a peanut butter treat for myself today. I scooped them like cookies and put them in the fridge. I bet they'd be awesome if they were covered in chocolate!

Power Sticks (or balls, depending on shape you make)

1/2 cup chunky peanut butter (I used 365 All Natural)
2/3 cup crushed cornflakes (Nature's Path)
3 tbs honey
1/3 cup non-fat dried milk (label says "gluten free" on it, but it's a non-brand name)

Mix all the ingredients together and shape into 1" balls or roll into sticks. Store in fridge.

They're really yummy, and very filling. I made 12 out of 1 batch. Great for a snack.


Anne said...

Krista, this is so awesome!!! I can't believe it can be this easy. It looks like so far the rice flour is working on all fronts, no?

kbabe1968 said...

Yeah. Rice flour is working really well.

I haven't tried real bread yet, though. I just got a new bread machine (thanks to Freecycle.org). I need to start experimenting with flours and stuff.

Picked up my bread from the bakery. EWWWW. It was not bad toasted and slathered with mustard and then I added a piece of roast beef and provalone. I'll get thru the loaf, but it has a weird aftertaste to it - I think one of the flours was a bean flour.

GOTTA learn to make my own! :D

Adopted Son said...

You can do it. You can do anything.

Laura said...

She does use some funky flours at Baker's on Broad. I live only 2 minutes from there and have tried the cinnamon (good, and she is willing to do it without raisins if you call a day ahead) and potato (not so great for us). I got an ingredient list and she uses soy and potato flours in both.

I m not a soy fan (for the taste and health reasons)and I do wonder why it's used. Just haven't gotten brave enough to ask yet.

Laura said...

P.S. I also tried the GF lemon muffin...nothing to rave about. Edible but not as good as what I (used to be able to ) bake.

kbabe1968 said...

Laura - yeah. I'm not a "beany" flavored kind of person and the bread tasted really beany to me. I have a Gluten Free Pantry mix I'm going to try. And also, there's a recipe floating around the celiac.com board that is supposed to taste like whole wheat bread.

I could try her cinnamon bread BUT I make a marbled cinnamon bread that's like a coffee cake, and the way she described it to my, it sounded like a really sweet bread. So I didn't want to spend the money.

If you want to - you can email me - and maybe we could connect. I think if you look at my profile you can choose to email me - then I can email you back so you'd have my actual address.

IF you want. I've found there are so few people around me who understand this, and I feel like an alien!!!

Laura said...

HI- I can't seem to find a way to email you but please feel free to email me at lsemmens at gmail.com (written that way to slow down spambots).