Monday, January 22, 2007

I HAD BREAD!!!! Okay, it was gluten-free bread, but... was bread none the less!

Thru the miracle of I received a practically brand spanking new bread machine that I used. I bought a package of Gluten Free Pantry Sandwich Bread mix. Honestly, I have been afraid to try it. Last Wednesday, I made their Gluten Free Pantry Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix. It was AMAZING. This was after the flop of their corn muffins that day (now, I think that I undercooked them and maybe they'd be better if I baked them a little bit longer - so I'm not saying I won't try them again or that others shouldn't.).

So, yesterday, I decided to pull out the bread machine and give it a try. It took three hours for mixing, rising, kneading, baking. Tortorous. Each time I walked into the kitchen, I smelled bread baking. And it smelled good. I have not had good bread in three weeks. Pathetic attempts at bread, but not actual "I can make a sandwhich from this" bread.

At 9:05 the beeper went off, and I let it cool. That was difficult, let me tell you. It smelled TERRIFIC! And I mean, like a real loaf of bread. And it was springy and spongy and textured like real bread. My first slice, while slightly warm still, was just a slice of heaven. Crunchy crust, oozy warm butter slipping into the nooks and crannies. Before I went to bed, I had a PB&J.

Today, my kids had it for lunch. I felt good that they liked it too, I'll say....just incase we decide to go full fledged gluten free on them - my only hitch was bread. I've found gluten-free varieties of cereals and other foods that they find yummy. Bread would be an issue! Not anymore!

I am very happy that I have found bread. Even if I have to bake it, I will be happy. My next trial will be a recipe that is floating around the Celiac website. I'm looking forward to trying.

I'm off to have another sandwich!!! :D

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